We are here to facilitate organizational progress.

The rapidly changing landscapes of our economy pose challenges for even the best corporations, organizations and businesses. Creating an intentional office culture that focuses on inclusion, team building,  cultural competency, leadership and collaboration is critical in order to thrive in the new era of business. The good thing is, that's exactly what we do. 

Together, we transform the workplace.


We are a training and development company focused on whole system capacity building. With a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion, our goal is to equip individuals, companies and organizations with the critical knowledge and skills needed to perform effectively in a 21st century workplace. We customize educational activities, seminars, workshops and retreats for teams and organizations. 


Training and Development

focused on empowerment and application

The investment in training and development in companies and organizations has seen an increase in productivity and decrease in retention. We customize intentional interactive activities focused on employee skill development and practical applications for company success.   

Diversity and Inclusion

cultural competEncy workshops and coaching

We have expert trainers who specialize in building diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives. We will tailor educational workshops, board meetings, and one-on-one coaching for your organization. Our team will take you from education to application in the workplace.  

Project Management

addressing long term business transformation

We support companies and organizations that have long and short term project management needs. We design and manage new initiatives and support existing projects that need help getting back on track and moving forward. 

Team Building Retreats

collaborative leadership and development

Through intentional, inclusive interaction, our trained facilitators create a learning environment dedicated to revisiting goals, improving communication, and reenergizing teams. Our charge is to build morale and support organizational growth. 


This is our passion.

Our trainers have developed and implemented award-winning curriculums within dozens of non-profits, schools, universities, organizations, corporations and businesses. These curriculums build awareness and promote individual and systematic change through common sense actions and focus on the areas of diversity, conflict resolution, facilitation and leadership development.  With over a decade of carefully crafting these strategies and techniques, we offer the best transformative programming for you to raise the bar in your office culture and take your team to the next level.